Our world class range of products includes all types of interior & exterior products required at both home as well as commercial establishments. We supply everything from normal aluminium facades, frameless glass facades, aluminium doors, sliding doors, security systems, fire rated steel doors, rolling shutters, roofing, interior wall claddings, lift interiors to hardware fittings.

Aegis brings these products to you in collaboration with top class companies of the world. It is our sincere effort to provide superior quality of architectural building material products from reputed companies. These products are brought to you after a grueling quality check. We at Aegis not only provide the products, but also understand the exact requirement of the customer based on the building needs. Every person has his own taste and we have a huge platter to choose from. Our Company Values lie at the core of our business. We, as a team, continue to innovate, change and develop nationally. Please give us the opportunity to present our company and products as per your schedule.

As a privileged customer, we are pleased to offer you whole INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RANGE OF CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS., as per your requirement. We are a certified business partner of GEZEFORMS AND SURFACESABLOY & CERTAINTEED (SAINT – GOBAIN).

GEZE :- As a global player, GEZE designs to incorporate all the indispensable features under the best quality control system in order to fulfill the requirements of various countries standards and practices, which is a fully owned subsidiary of GEZE GmbH Germany , provide the complete solution for the opening and closing of doors & window systems. All requirements related to door hardware, door closing devices, automatic doors, fittings for glass assembly etc., can be provided with all technical assistance and installation support. We also specialize in a wide range of automatic opening and closing devices for the doors & windows, solutions for differently abled entry system, smoke & heat ventilation system and customized solutions around our entire range of products.

FORMS AND SURFACES :- Forms+Surfaces is a leading designer and manufacturer of architectural products used in public spaces around the world. From innovative surfaces, walls and elevator interiors, to litter & recycling receptacles, site furniture and doors, our products invite creativity and provide real-world solutions to the challenges our customers face every day. Our architectural surfaces are rugged & highly aesthetically appealing !

ABLOY :- Abloy is one of the leading manufactures of high security locks, locking systems & master keying system with up to 1.97 billion combination per system. It is the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology. ABLOY carries a global high security brand image reflecting its unique technology that creates a solid base for success in international market & as well as in home markets.

Certainteed :- Saint-Gobain has brought to India, the ultimate roofing product which has every endearing feature that an Architect or a house owner would aspire for. The product known as “Shingles” is the most popular roofing product for sloped roofs in North America and most parts of Europe. It is aesthetically very appealing, unbreakable with high durability and flexibility. Shingles are manufactured by CertainTeed, a Saint-Gobain group company in USA. Recently solar reflective shingles called Solaris and Venyl Sidings, a zero-maintenance product for external wall cladding with lifetime no-fade warranty have been introduced in India.


AEGIS – Door Automation & Architectural Hardware

Door Closers Open / Concealed
Sensor Doors Automatic Sliding / Swing Door/ Hermetic Seal Door
Floor Spring Glass / Wooden Doors
Manual SlidingsSingle / Double Doors
Door HardwareIronmongery i.e. Handles ,Hinges, Locks etc.
DoorsFire Doors / Internal Doors / Security Doors
Industrial Doors Sectional Doors / High Speed Shutters / Loading-Unloading Bays / High speed roll up doors/ Mega Doors.
Garage Doors Garage Doors, Motorized Gates
Architecture Surfaces Bonded Metal, High durability SS sheets in different finish and texture, Wall paneling.
Wall Paneling Pre-engineered, ready to install wall panels
Lift Interiors Customized elevator interiors.
LocksHigh Security Locking solutions, Electromechanical lock, Electrical Locks ( wireless access control) & Master Keying Systems