Exterior Siding expresses a unique and distinct style as desired by the customers. The expertise of ‘CertainTeed’ in coming up with comprehensive offering of siding as well as accents also allows users to have more ways to express than ever before. Further, the array of siding designs and their unique construction finish also ensure highly durable, low-maintenance finish which will not peel, rot or warp. 

Available range : Fiber Cement Siding , Vinyl Siding, Insulated Siding , Siding Tape , House Wrap & Flashing 


Fiber Cement Siding solutions

Fiber Cement Siding solutions serves as an innovative alternative to traditional wood siding by delivering beauty of cedar shakes in highly durable, low-maintenance designs which will not peel, rot or warp. 

The finishes comprise more than 20 prefinished premium color & stains or even choice of primed Weather Boards that offer unlimited color flexibility. 

The available varieties include 
Perfection Shingles (featuring options of 7″ Exposure, Solid Colors, Stain Colors and Ready to Paint)
Random Square Straight Edge (featuring options of 5″ Exposure, Solid Colors, Stain Colors and Ready to Paint)
Random Square Staggered Edge (featuring options of 7″ Exposure, Solid Colors, Stain Colors, Ready to Paint)
Random Square Straight Edge (featuring options of (7″ Exposure, Solid Colors, Stain Colors, Ready to Paint)
Individual Shakes (featuring options of Staggered or Straight Edge , 8″ Exposure, Ready to Paint) Half Rounds (featuring options of 7″ Exposure, Solid Colors, Ready to Paint)
Octagons (featuring 7″ Exposure, Solid Colors and Ready to Paint)



Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding offered comprise collection that helps in providing unlimited design possibilities so as to suit the needs of every taste and budget. With choice availability also including in spectrum of colors, the siding also delivers exceptional performance as well as come with outstanding warranty protection. The siding is virtually maintenance free and is NABH green approved product. The siding is available in 40 color options.


Insulated Siding

Insulated Siding is energy-saving solutions that come with foam back siding and wood grain texture that is moulded from real cedar boards. Serving as perfect balance between beauty and performance, the offered solution is virtually maintenance free and is widely chosen by professional builders as well as siding contractors. Available in over 15 colour options, the siding is NAHB green approved product made from recycled material and also supports energy efficiency.


Siding Tape

Siding Tape provides a tight sealing support with quality finish. The solution is made available under the brand CertaTape and finds usage in sealing seams as well as corners, joints, edges on window flanges, rips, punctures and tears. Coming with high-strength coated polypropylene film finish, these also do not break down over time and provides for dependable performance support over long term that supports improving integrity of building’s envelope through reduction in air as well as moisture penetration. We make these available in sizes 1 7/8″ x 165′ that provides for maximum effectiveness, offering everything to get job done the right way.


House Wrap Siding

House Wrap Siding is weather resistant barrier that also acts like an added layer of protection against possible damages caused by air and moisture. The solution is part of complete CertaWall Weather Deterrence System which provides users an advantage that is worth building into every home. The technical specifications include Air Penetration Resistance of 2,500, Permanence Rating of 11.7 U.S perms, Tear Resistance of 30/33 lbs, UV Resistance of 180 days and Water Penetration Resistance of 865 cm 3′ x 100′.



Flashing comprise CertaFlash BA and is made available in sizes of 4″ x 75′, 6″ x 75′, 9″ x 75′. the flashing is suitably be used in straight jams as well as heads. These are developed from proprietary bloc co-polymer that provides tight bonding to metal, wood, vinyl as well as other common building materials and provides for superior performance support to asphalt based siding. 

Further, these also deliver for extended workability and come free of VOCs. Featuring use of split-back, quick-peel release paper also provides in these easy positioning as well as also meeting the requirements of complete installation flexibility. These flashing are also made available under CertaFlash Flex in sizes 6″ x 75′ and 9″ x 75′ that finds suitability around sill plates, corners, arched windows, window flanges as well as joints.