Sliding Door Systems

The diverse range of Sliding Door Systems made available by us offer complete usage convenience. These sliding door systems are space-saving, elegant as well as modern and are ideally suited for making good use of daylight as well as fulfilling optical criteria. 

Available range : Sliding Door Systems Slimdrive, Sliding Door Systems Powerdrive & Sliding Door Systems ECDrive


Slimdrive Sliding Door Systems

Slimdrive Sliding Door Systems comes with 7 cm operator height and are automatic in operations. These are approved and certified as per DIN 18650 and its low construction height provides for invisible integration in facade. 

The options available by us under this include :
Linear Sliding Door Slimdrive SL NT / SL NT-FR that can be invisibly integrated into facade and come in capabilities to move leaf weights of up to 125 kg. Further, its guide rail is newly designed and allows easy fixing directly to walls, support beam or facade. 

GEZE Linear Sliding Door Slimdrive SL / SL-FR RC 2 that comprise burglary-resistant sliding door systems that come certificated as per Resistance Class (RC) 2

GEZE Smoke-proof Sliding Door Slimdrive SL-RD that meets European standards developed for smoke-proof doors and are made available in varied design options. 

GEZE Telescopic Sliding Door Slimdrive SLT / SLT-FR that comprises high performance drives that find usage in telescopic sliding doors and come integrated with infrared motion detector that can be perfectly integrated on slimmest glass facades. 


Power drive Sliding Door Systems

Powerdrive Sliding Door Systems are made available in different options that suit the demands of large as well as heavily accessed entrance areas. These systems are designed to meet the movement requirements of heavy leaves using single motor support.

The options offered by us under this include
GEZE Linear Sliding Door Powerdrive PL / PL-FR that comprise of automatic linear sliding doors finding suitability for interiors as well as facades. These come with features like powerful and precise functioning drive support for handling large heavy door leaves as well as wide opening widths.

Other than this, we offer GEZE Hermetic sliding door Powerdrive PL-HT that are automatic, tight sealing linear sliding door systems finding suitability in hermetically sealed areas. 

The Break-Out Door TSA 360 NT-BO that are based on sliding door technology that provide suitability for highly frequented entrance areas like public buildings as well as hospitals. 


Sliding Door Systems – EC Drive

ECDrive Sliding Door Systems are automatic sliding doors that are not only economical in terms of usage but also provide for reliable operation support. Suited for highly frequented door areas, these comprise low wear as well as high-quality rollers that are made available in self-cleaning roller carriage, thus providing for silent operations. 
GEZE Linear Sliding Door ECdrive / ECdrive-FR that provides for superior process reliability and finds usage in areas needing high access convenience as well as safety.

GEZE ECdrive LT that are designed for application in automatic door systems and come with horizontally moving door leaves, entrances, dry areas as well as with internal areas having pedestrian traffic. The presence of newly developed �Compact Unit� also provides for time-saving operations. 

Further, we also provide additional accessories for the fitting connections as desired.