Doors Operators are made available by us in a wide range of choices. These include Garage door operators that allow entrance into garage area just by a push of a button and allow persons to remain protected against wind as well as adverse weather. Other than this, we offer Entrance gate operators that allow for automatic opening as well as closing of hinged as well as sliding gates and provide perfect coordination between garage door operator, garage door and entrance gate operator. Other than this, we offer Industrial door operators that comprise broad range of operators, controls as well as impulse generators and come with quality tested door and operator components like operators, sections, frames, fittings, controls that provides for greatest compatibility between door, operator as well as involved control.


Garage Door Operators

Garage Door Operators provide for complete convenience as well as security to homes. These garage door operators provide for clear path into garage and allow quick operations of garage doors as well as gates in a convenient and safe manner. The options offered here include SupraMatic, ProMatic and ProMatic Akku which can be operated even in cases of power failure. The SupraMatic operator provides for opening speed which is 50% faster. 

Some of the advantages offered by these garage door operators include well coordinated systems between garage door, garage door operator as well as entrance gate operators, offering superior quality, providing for soft start and soft stop that protects both door as well as operator, offering reliable automatic safety cut-out that stops the door immediately in case of sudden obstructions and patented toothed belt technology that is tear proof and quiet in operations.


Entrance Gate Operators

Entrance Gate Operators provide for superior convenience and usage security and come with support of remote-controlled operator that makes the entrance gates more convenient in terms of handling. Further, these fulfill the demands as new entrance gates or in case of retrofit where hinged sliding gates were used earlier. 

Being 100% compatible, these provide for perfectly coordinated system and comprise garage door, garage door operators as well as entrance gate operators. These allow opening both doors using single remote control. Further, the presence of varied accessories program also offers quality mobile as well as stationary accessories that meet the demands of involved fitting situations. These accessories comprise from micro hand transmitter to code switches as well as finger-scans and transponder keypads.


Industrial Door Operators

Industrial Door Operators is the complete range of essential door and operator components like fittings, sections, frames, operators as well as controls developed to ensure optimum compatibility between doors, operator as well as used control support. These are designed to support production at consistently high level and are made to undergo endurance tests under real conditions so as to ensure products one can depend on. 

The options offered by us under this include Industrial sectional doors including essential door and operator components. Other than this, the other options includes Rolling shutters and rolling grilles that are made available with innovative tension spring assembly as well as optional operator WA 300 R S4 coming with soft start and soft stop that provide for high product and service quality.