Roofing Solutions offered are sourced by us from CertainTeed a leading company in this area of operations having earned a rich reputation as premier building material manufacturer for more than 100 years. For meeting the roofing needs of every part of building, the solutions sourced by CertainTeed allows in offering quality line of roofing, vinyl as well as fiber cement siding solutions. Further, the other options offered include PVC trim, decking, foundation, sheathing, fence, railing, windows, performance wallboards, ceilings, insulation, drywall as well as pipe products for residential as well as commercial building applications. The range offered under this includes residential roofing solutions.


Low Slope Roofing

Low Slope Roofing solution offered finds suitability for use in accordance with CertainTeed specifications as followed in most low-slope roof system applications. Featuring granulated, uncoated finish as well as requiring handling like standard product with no special installation requirements, these are low in maintenance and also offer more consistency as well as aesthetically pleasing finish. These also meet the requirements established by California Title 24 and ENERGY STAR. The range offered under this include Self-Adhered that comprises Flintlastic SA Mid Ply, Flintlastic SA NailBase, Flintlastic SA Cap, Flintlastic SA Cap CoolStar, Flintlastic SA Cap FR, Flintlastic SA Cap FR CoolStar and Flintlastic SA PlyBase.


Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing solutions offered comprise PowerMax Solar Roofing, Apollo Solar Roofing as well as Apollo Tile Solar Roofing that combines sleek aesthetics as well as innovative Copper-Indium-Selenium (CIS) thin film technology so as to gain most efficient cost-to-power ratio in industry. The benefits provided to the roof include advanced designing that allow Photovoltaic modules to gel with rooflines in form of a stylish, jet-black panel array producing world record efficiency as compared to other thin film solar technologies in installed-power-per-area generation capacity, efficient functioning with half the energy payback time of conventional crystalline technology, delivering outstanding performance even during low light as well as partial shade and providing sensational curb appeal. The other benefits include strong construction as well as high snow load capacity (113 lbs. per sq. ft.), Class C fire rating and providing ease of installation as provided by built-in mounting lip.