Building Safety Solutions are designed and developed by ‘GEZE’ for public buildings including hospitals, schools or discotheques. These buildings often have presence of large number of people and in such cases reliable security systems are one of the essential safeguards that are required for safety of buildings, fire prevention as well as for safety of the people. For delivering efficient performance, the building safety solutions comprises interplay of different GEZE system components

Available range : Emergency Exit System, Access Control Systems, IQ Locks & IQ eStrike.


Emergency Exit Systems

Emergency Exit Systems are essential for building security and personal safety in conditions of fire or any other such emergency situation. With strict laws Building Safety Solutions is important in buildings for good reasons. The emergency exit system unites modern bus technology with compact construction and communication of individual components being carried out via CAN bus technology. 

Thus allows multiple system components to be linked as well as also ensures faster transfer of data volumes with minimum amount of cabling. Here, in event of network failing, un-interruptible power supply (UPS) handles the operation. Further, combination with automatic swing door drives or supply air system for smoke as well as heat extraction also ensures even less active/able persons are able to escape easily in case of fire. Here, the door control units also secure and monitor opening as well as closing of all escape doors. 

Available range : Door Control Units in Emergency Exit Systems


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are compact web-based “all-in-one” system solution with all door components. The biometric fingerprint reader or the door interface with integration authorization management system, and thus fulfils the requirements of modern access control systems. The minimal dimensions of the access control controllers and the optimum integration of the ID readers into the building installations offer considerable freedom of design with regard to the doors. 

Whether it is biometric fingerprint recognition or a card-based system the GEZE SecuLogic access control system can be used for a single door or for networked door systems. As modern access systems, these are also very powerful and adaptable and guide visitors and staff according to spatial as well as time-controlled access authorization that can be set quickly and individually for each individual door.


  • Protecting private life through simple operation that means the access control system which can also easily be used in own four walls.
  • Be it access control at front door, ring signalizing, sabotage monitoring or door openers, these make the private buildings more safer.

Available range : System Solutions, Identification and GEZE Kits.



GEZE IQ Locks are designed to allow quick exit at time of emergencies as well as on other hand also provide desired protection against unauthorized access in sensitive areas. Being of self-locking type, these panic locks provide uncompromising safety for people as well as property and deliver optimum solution for individual security as well as safety requirements. 

Offering good system integration, these are best for planning security for tender � multi-functional one-leaf and two-leaf doors and offer easy replacement because of equal dimensions. With the broad We Offer offering variety of possible solutions, they can be easily integrated into present access control system and come with divided cross latch that ensure sound operation of bolt even under pre-load, thus allowing for reliable operations in combination with sliding door drives. 

Available range : Panic locks single leaf doors, Panic locks double leaf doors and Panic bar


GEZE IQ eStrike

GEZE IQ eStrike comprises compact A5000 / A5300 that match up to the demands of standard applications where threes can be used on all doors to be locked with superior comfort. It also comes without any further modification for use in smoke control doors. 

IQ eStrike’ applies FT500 / FT501 as smallest of approved fire protection door, thus finding application in fire doors the need increased safety requirements. 

The product features include being smallest door opener in the market, compact door with small dimensions, suitable for DIN left / right opening, bipolar EMC Schutz Mode integrated with all versions, keeper depth of at least 6 mm. Further, the model A5000 comes with smoke authorization and being versatile door versions are perfect for meeting different security needs. 


GEZE Glass Systems

Glass Systems are meant for open as well as transparent room designs and are suitable for many modern buildings including public buildings, shopping centers and others. Replacing glass facades, partitions as well as doors made of cement, wood or plastic, this is perfectly fit for private construction sector where glass is constantly becoming more significant. 

Here, the solutions made of glass can melt subtly into architecture of building. Further, the application fields are also almost unlimited with ‘GEZE’ offering different technologies with plenty of designs and play without requirement to go without heat and warmth. Further, the used hardware systems and profiles also leave aesthetics of glass elements completely untouched as these come fully integrated in the system. Here, the invisible integration of door hardware and profiles between two panes of glass flush also ensures great transparency. 

Available range : Manual Sliding Door Systems, Manual Swing Door Systems, Automatic Sliding Door Systems, Manual Sliding Wall Systems, Integrated All-glass System and All-glass Systems.