Architecture Surfaces are available with us in a wide range of choices to pick from. These include Stainless Steel that provides for unmatched quality and beautiful finish, Fused Metal that comprises exclusive line of colored stainless steel in rich range of colors, Bonded Metal that works as high-performance surfacing material offering wealth of design possibilities, Bonded Quartz that works as beautiful, durable surfacing solution featuring ceramic microspheres in fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. 


Stainless Steel architecture surfaces

Stainless Steel architecture surfaces are available in unmatched quality finish that is also beautiful in terms of appearance. As Forms+Surfaces is world’s leading resource for architectural stainless steel, the latest available technology support allows in these highly durable finishes as well as choice of varied distinctive patterns that provides for limitless usage possibilities. Being suitable for all types of public spaces, here, the selections are defined through three basic parameters including that of finish, pattern (optional) and material (stainless steel). Made available in Fusion, Impression, Eco-Etch and Screens patterns, these are ideally suited for wide range of interior as well as exterior applications.


Fused Metal architectural finishes

Fused Metal architectural finishes are the part of our exclusive collection of colored stainless steel surface that is developed using vapor deposition technology fusing stainless steel substrates to titanium alloys at molecular level, thus providing in the fused metal necessary durability of stainless as well as availability in rich range of color choices. Here, the selections are defined on basis of three basic parameters including color, finish and pattern. 

This is an optional choice with available color options including Fused Nickel Silver, Fused White Gold, Fused Bronze, Fused Graphite. Further, these are made available with Fusion, Impression, Eco-Etch and Screen patterns and are ideally suited for wide range of interior as well as exterior applications


Bonded Metal architectural surface

Bonded Metal architectural surface is the high-performance based surfacing material which offers a wide range of design possibilities to pick from. Here, the presence of metal granules available in cast form in tough FRP matrix provide for castings that are not only lightweight but also highly durable in terms of finish. These lightweight as well as durable castings feature character as well as appearance of solid metal with selections defined through three basic parameters including patina, pattern and color. 

Here, colors are established through metal incorporated into matrix with natural as well as dark patinas providing for rich surface contrast. Further, the patterns available are made available in range from subtle textures to bold design option


Bonded Quartz architectural surfaces

Bonded Quartz architectural surfaces are the beautiful as well as durable surfacing solution incorporating in it ceramic microspheres in fiber-reinforced polymer matrix that provides for resilient, lightweight castings with enchanting surface appearances. Bonded Quartz is highly preferred as a surfacing material as it provides for a clean, contemporary look and incorporates ceramic microspheres in tough, FRP matrix that makes the castings lightweight as well as durable and easy to maintain. Available in standard white color which is integral and not surface applied, we offer these in varied sculptural patterns as well as in custom colors and patterns for larger interior projects.


VividGlass architectural surfaces

VividGlass architectural surfaces provides for superior creative freedom in terms of color, graphics, uniting beauty of stone with convenience of glass and dimension. The available options under this include ViviChrome that introduces solid color to life as well as supports creation of visual depth within space, ViviGraphix that highlights colored graphic patterns defined through precise geometric designs and ViviStone that is indistinguishable from real stone and are available in single-sided, double-sided as well as backlit configurations. 

Other than these, we also offer Virtual Quarry that is an online application allowing users to configure renderings of architectural designs involving ViviStone as well as ViviForm Impression that adds dimension to the glass with textural patterns made available across both sides for diffused light transmission as well as providing for appropriate privacy.


Wood Veneer architectural surface

Wood Veneer architectural surface constitutes of natural wood veneers that come with superior durability backed with warmth and richness of real wood. Made available by us in standard as well as premium options to pick from, these are perfect to complement any of other surfaces and are made available in five standard wood veneer options as well as four premium wood veneer options to pick from. 

Further, in terms of construction, these are made available with three coats of polyurethane that provides for superior abrasion resistance as well as satin finish polyurethane that provides for natural beauty of wood to come through. Finding high suitability for interior applications, we can make these available in options of standard and custom panel sizes.