Glass Systems offered comprise of glass systems for open as well as transparent room designs and are suitable for many modern buildings including in public buildings, shopping centers and others. Replacing glass facades, partitions as well as doors made of cement, wood or plastic, this is also perfectly fit even private construction sector where glass is constantly becoming more significant. Here, the solutions made of glass can melt subtly into architecture of building or even stand out, accentuating it. Further, the application fields are also almost unlimited with ‘GEZE’ offering different technologies for functional, strong as well as aesthetic solutions with plenty of design and play without requirement to go without heat, warmth and flexibility of planning. Further, the used hardware systems and profiles also leave aesthetics of glass elements completely untouched as these come fully integrated in the system. Here, the invisible integration of door hardware and profiles between two panes of glass flush also ensures great transparency. The range includes Manual Sliding Door Systems, Manual Swing Door Systems, Automatic Sliding Door Systems, Manual Sliding Wall Systems, Integrated All-glass System and All-glass Systems.


Manual Sliding Door Systems

Manual Sliding Door Systems innovative spatial design so as to provide for flowing, open and transparent ambiance. The GEZE glass solutions find suitability with manual sliding doors especially where use of glass has replaced traditional materials like wood or plastic for constructing doors and partitioning elements. 

In modern buildings like offices as well as in the construction of private homes, the use of glass also enhances the significance of these systems. Here, we source from GEZE a wide range of solutions for functional, optically outstanding as well as durable sliding door systems that allow considerable design freedom as well as planning flexibility. 

Available range : Rollan 40 N / 80, Perlan 140, Perlan 140, Aerolan, Geolan and Vetroslide


GEZE Manual Swing Door Systems

GEZE Manual Swing Door Systems are the attractive solutions for all-glass systems that match up to the requirements of double action doors, single action doors as well as swing doors. Further, the multifaceted connection patch fittings also meet individual requirements. 

Available range : Patch fittings, Integrated all-glass systems single action door and Pendulo C 


Automatic Sliding Door System

Automatic Sliding Door Systems are designed to deliver superior functional transparency as well as design in light weight finish. Here, with offered solutions being sourced from ‘GEZE’ a leading name in the area of glass solutions for automatic sliding doors, we are able to make readily available for the customers latest range of systems that are backed by innovative developments that unites design, aesthetics and functionality in all-glass solutions. 

Available range : Slimdrive SL – IGG, Slimdrive SL – GGS, Slimdrive SL with point supported drive, Slimdrive SC – GGS, All-glass revolving door TSA 325 NT, Slimdrive SLT – IGG and Slimdrive SL NT GGS. 



Manual Sliding Wall Systems

Manual Sliding Wall Systems function as individual sliding wall systems and delivers better transparency and design freedom as expected by customers. Sourced by us from ‘GEZE’ a leading name in the field of manual sliding wall systems, the offered solutions are particularly suitable for modern, design-oriented all-glass areas that are present in demanding architecture. 

The system functions as flexible building block and work with integration of leaf elements with varying functions, thus offering wide range of design freedom not just in hotels as well a congress halls but also at shopping centers or at places like airports. 


GEZE Integrated All Glass Systems

GEZE Integrated All Glass Systems comprise profile and fitting systems that come integrated invisibly between panes of glass without need of bulky or visible elements at surface of glass. Further, complete design of facades can also be implemented without interruptions, regardless of whether planning calls for sliding walls/doors, single action/swing doors. Further, these all-glass systems can also be used for all-glass facades from both inside and out as well as for flexible room partitioning systems. 

Available range : Slimdrive SL – IGG, MSW with IGG, Perlan 140 & Slimdrive SLT – IGG. 



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Automatic Glass Sliding Door 

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