Doors & Door Pulls come with legendary design as well as materials palette and superior detailing that make these doors highly demanded in the market. The available options we offer include Fire-Rated Doors that combine design flexibility with fire labeling, Cast Door Pulls that are available in array of sculptural shapes & sizes, Tubular Door Pulls to provide for clean, contemporary looks to entrances, Configurable Door Pulls for providing customized looks.

Other than this, we also offer Push Plates & Indicator Discs that are available in variety of shapes as well as sizes in bronze, stainless steel or brass finish and Cabinet Pulls that are available in options of chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass and black neoprene.



Doors are available with us in precision designed finish that provides for quality design standards. The options include availability of doors in legendary designs as well as materials palette where these display superior finish detailing as well as optimum craftsmanship standards, which have made these benchmarks in this industry sector. The available options include Stainless Steel Doors offering superior beauty & performance with UL fire labeling options, Fused Metal Doors comprising colored stainless steel use, Bonded Metal Doors coming with durable bonded metal castings in multiple patinas and colors.

Other than this, we also offer Glass Doors that come with VividGlass architectural glass, Stile & Rail Doors with single, double as well as triple inset designs, System 7 Doors with stainless steel or fused metal door faces in different glazing configurations as well as Door Frames in Fire-rated as well as non-rated door frame options to pick from.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-Rated Doors are made available by us from Forms+Surfaces and are affordable alternative to generic fire doors. These doors are made available with complete design flexibility as well as with range of UL fire labeling options to pick from. These fire-rated doors are designed to provide desired performance ratings that are needed by modern projects without decreasing on the aesthetics front.

The available options include Stainless Steel Doors recognized for superior finish quality and performance values in complete range of designs as well as UL fire labeling options and Fused Metal Doors that combine in it use of colored stainless steel as well as Door Frames that are available in both fire-rated as well as non-rated door frame finish in stainless steel/fused metal options so as to perfectly match up with varied door designs as well as wall thickness options to pick from.


Cast Door Pulls

Cast Door Pulls are available in a wide choice of sculptural shapes as well as size options to pick from. These door pulls are cast using bronze, brass as well as solid stainless steel finish which adds to richness of each designs being offered. The offered range comprises Allegro Door Pulls, Ara Door Pulls, Artisan Door Pulls, Cadence Door Pulls, Calypso Door Pulls, Folio Door Pulls, Lyra Door Pulls, Meridian Door Pulls, Orion Door Pulls, Solstice Door Pulls. Other than this, we also offer Trango Door Pulls and Wave Door Pulls. All these are made available in brass/aluminum and solid cast bronze in diverse shapes, length options and other finish parameters as demanded by the customers.


Tubular Door Pulls

Tubular Door Pulls are designed with clean as well as contemporary looks that meets the demands of any entrance. Here, our expertise also lies in making these tubular door pulls available in round as well as rectangular profiles in wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes as well as finish options.

The available options include Comet Door Pulls that are made available with round cross sections as well as tapered ends in bronze, brass and stainless steel finish, Rectangular Door Pulls with rectangular cross sections in brass, stainless steel, bronze finish in different styles as well as Round Door Pulls with round cross sections in different styles and sizes.


Configurable Door Pulls

Configurable Door Pulls are designed for providing customized looks and are based on “kit-of-parts” format that allows using a wide combination of components, mix metals & finishes as well as using different dimensions so as to match up with project-specific design needs. The available options here include Compass Door Pulls (with round grips as well as finish options in stainless steel, bronze and others), Modular Door Pulls (in stainless steel, brass and aluminum finish), Quadrant Door Pulls (with rectangular grips & standoffs in bronze, stainless steel finish) and Sextant Door Pulls (available with round grips as well as numerous design finish choices in material options including bronze, stainless steel and others).


Push Plates & Indicator Discs

Push Plates & Indicator Discs are designed to perfectly coordinate with Forms+Surfaces doors & door pulls and are made available in a variety of shapes as well as size options to pick from. Here, our expertise lies in making these available in bronze, stainless steel as well as in brass finish and comes with standard lettering support which offers maximum legibility. With choice availability of Push Plates and Indicator Discs in coordination with doors and door pulls, we offer these in different options including DP8604-18, DP8604-24, DP8004, DP8106, DP8001, DP8002, DP8001, DP8002 with finish choices variable on parameters of material, design, size and finish options. These can be mounted using two-part epoxy and can also be drilled for mounting for use beneath door pulls, thus making these suitable for use on interior as well as exterior usage.


Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet Pulls are shaped to complement their highly creative and durable finish in material options including brass, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum as well as black neoprene. Cabinet pulls of anodized aluminum in several finishes and numerous shapes and sizes. Matching Wave door pulls. We can offer these cabinet pulls in different metal finishes including aluminum, brass, chrome, stainless steel, anodized aluminum in satin clear or matte black finishes. Our expertise lies in making these available in several finishes with variety of shape and size options to pick from.

The available options offered by us here include Cadence Cabinet Pulls, Circuit Cabinet Pulls, Luna Cabinet Pulls, Meridian Cabinet Pulls, Mesa Cabinet Pulls, Neoprene Cabinet Pulls, Sweep Cabinet Pulls, Token Cabinet Pulls and Wave Cabinet Pulls.