Industrial Doors forms an intricate part of the business. There is an idea that is put to work behind every function as well as every element of doors. With doors having many functions other than opening and closing like for isolation, opening quickly, providing for an emergency exit or opening partially, the solutions delivered by us are part of entire business where we can customize as well as adapt them to your specific requirements and to different parts of the buildings. Further, for ensuring that your business keeps rolling, we also hold expertise in providing custom tailored services as well as maintenance solutions, regardless of door models and brands. 

Available range :High Speed Doors, Folding Doors, Overhead Sectional Doors and Mega Door


Overhead Sectional Doors

comes with range of smart features that are precision designed for matching up with the application needs in indoor as well as outdoor areas. Sliding up under roof in event of being opened, these overhead sectional doors provide for much desired free space in and around door opening. Here, our expertise lies in making available complete range of overhead sectional doors including glazed frame doors and insulated sandwich panel doors with superior tightness as well as insulation properties. 

Our expertise also lies in making these available in form of fully covered or semi-glazed versions as well as in fully glazed to provide for quality daylight. The available options include 542 that is suitable for use in areas like warehouses, 542D which is a special developed OHSD that meets the demands of loading bay applications, 242 which is available in form of overhead glazed door where requirement of light or exposure is to be met. Other than these, we also offer 242FG that is glazed overhead sectional door used for providing extra light and 370 that is used in areas where there is high insulation requirements especially in areas like food processing industry.

Megadoor S-800

Megadoor S-1000


Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors

Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors deliver high reliability as well as minimal requirement for maintenance. These doors also feature high safety levels as these come with built-in safety monitoring system. Further, these mega doors are also highly wind resistant because of its unique design and structure. The We Offer comprises Mega door S800 that come with medium-sized openings up to 8 x 12 m (daylight W x H), Mega door S1000 that come with large openings up to 14 x 16 m (daylight W x H), Mega door S1500 that come with large openings with almost no limitation to size and configuration.

High Speed Inside Doors
High Spd. Outside Doors
High Spd. Freezer Doors
High Speed Cleanroom Doors
High Speed Hygiene Doors
Emergency Exit Doors

High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors offered are solutions that are designed to offer limitless possibilities. Ensuring the door does not limit your business, we ensure these are suited for environment with intense traffic flow/special requirements like in areas requiring hygiene or clean room environment. Being high speed doors, these can be of best choice where these high speed doors help in protecting your environment from humidity, drafts, dust and dirt. Further, the fast operation also helps in improving comfort for your employees as well as in saving energy. Being rapid roll doors, on the basis of your facility as well as how it is used, we hold expertise in recommending different options for access and automation. Further, our rich experience also allows us to offer doors for operations including environment with special needs for sealing, hygiene, handling of frozen food and others. The range offered under this includes Inside high speed doors, Outside high speed doors and Application high speed doors.
High speed Inside Doors are designed to provided much needed protection to the interiors from air drafts, dust, dirt and humidity. Designed to deliver fast operations, these doors also supports the demands of enhancing comfort level for employees as well as in saving valuable energy. Here, our expertise lies in offering doors for wide variety of operations including for handling of frozen food, hygiene, sealing and others. The available options here include 9110 that is designed for interior use in heavy-duty medium-sized operations, 9120 that are designed for interior use in heavy-duty large-sized operations, 9210 that provide for perfect sealing and are designed for interior applications, 9220 that are designed for interiors where combination of superior sealing, aesthetics as well as space-limitations are to be met and 9310 that are designed for meeting medium-sized heavy-duty operations.
High Speed Outside Doors are designed to perfectly match up with different applications involving demands of performance in both inside and outside building areas. The available options include 8610 suitable for exterior openings in heavy-duty medium-sized operations, 8620 that are designed for exterior openings in heavy-duty large-sized operations, 8630 that are designed for exterior openings in heavy-duty medium-sized operations facing high wind loads. Other than these, we also offer solutions in form of 8640 that are designed for exterior openings in heavy-duty large-sized operations facing high wind loads and 8710 that are designed for providing enhanced usage and comfort in heavy-duty medium-sized operations.
High Speed Freezer Doors are perfectly tuned to match up with the demands of freezer environment and provide for efficient traffic flow while at the same time also helps in minimizing variations in temperature. The available option here include 9110FR that is suitably designed for handling the working in freezer environment and delivers high operating speeds in combination with superior sealing that assists in optimizing internal traffic flow as well as meets the demands of much desired energy savings. These doors can also be set to automatically open every 20-25 minutes that assists in avoiding ice build-up on side-guides as well as on curtains. Here, the presence of curtain is tuned to automatically reintroduce itself after crash so s to bring reductions in production and maintenance downtimes.
High speed Cleanroom Doors are the airtight doors that are highly suitable for stabilizing inside environment of clean-rooms. The option offered here by us include 9210AT that is compact and airtight and provides for achieving perfect sealing. Requiring little space, it assists in providing desired protection to the environment against dust, dirt, drafts, humidity. Offering high speed operations of 1,2 m/s, its unique construction allows break-away as well as self-repairing without intervention with curtain automatically reintroducing itself after crash so as to reduce production downtime. Further, these also feature advanced motor support that provides for exceptional reliability as well as maintaining smooth operations. As motor is driven using frequency inverter, it also provides for soft start and stop, thus enhancing the service life of the motors.
High speed Hygiene Doors are available in precision designed finish which makes these perfect for interior applications in corrosive as well as humid environment especially in areas like food industry where hygiene standards are to be maintained. The available options include 9210HY that is designed for interior applications suiting humid as well as corrosive environment and offers perfect sealing support that protects environment against humidity, drafts, dust and dirt. The other option offered include 9220HY that is also suitable for humid or corrosive environment and offers high space-efficiency. As high speed doors, the operating speed in combination with sealing properties assists in enhancing traffic flow as well as in providing for superior employee comfort besides providing savings in energy.
Emergency Exit Doors are the high speed roll up doors that are combined with emergency exit for inside environment. The available options under this include 9110EM that is developed for interior applications and offers high speed roll up operations in heavy-duty areas. These can also be combined with emergency exit. 
The other option offered include 9220EM that comprises high speed roll up doors that are also designed for heavy-duty and high speed interior operations with speeds u to 2,0 m/s depending on size of the doors. These also come with provision of superior user safety through absence of stiffeners combined with flexible curtain. Further, these are based on unique door drive technology that eliminates need for weighted bottom bars by actively driving door curtain. Other than this, these also feature support in form of advanced motors and excellent sealing interface.

Folding Doors

Folding Doors are the horizontally moving folding doors that find application in premises that have limitation of spaces around door opening. Also providing for minimized roof space inside buildings, the entire opening process is highly visible which makes passages safer. The options include 220 that functions as insulated Folding door that is preferred in premises with high daylight inlet demands, 220C that is ideal door for car washes and is especially developed for coping with harsh as well as humid environment. 

Coming with anodized aluminum design backed with anti-corrosive features as well as glazing alternatives, its side-going movements assists in eliminating dripping possibilities. Lastly, the option offered by us under this includes 521 that find usage in demanding industrial applications and comes with extra strong frame construction as well as thick, insulated door panel support.

Industrial Sectional Doors 


Industrial Sectional Doors are designed to open vertically and in creating greater space at front as well as behind door areas as door sections are parked flat under ceiling that is vertically above opening/in line with roof. These are made of steel/aluminum combination or in aluminum construction finish and as these compact design standards, the doors are able to stack vertically individual sections behind the lintel. 

Further, small distance back also provides for advantage to halls with glass roofs, glass facades and dome lights. Coming in scratch resistant finish, these sectional doors are of wicket door type with threshold that is trip-free and helps in decreasing risk for persons passing through. Further, its flat stainless steel threshold and rounded edges also allow easy handling over tool trolleys.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates are the gates with self-supported construction and are backed by superior security standards. These are made available in fully pre-assembled finish and are made available using stable steel profiles with maximum opening of 12 meter widths. Further, for gates that open in opposite directions, widths of 24 meters can also be attained. Backed with self supporting construction, that advantage includes need of little foundation work, no door travel malfunctions because of ice, snow or heavy soiling as well as no side guide fitting.

These are also ideal choice for securing wide gateways that are also available in quality finish due to use of use of sturdy steel profiles with opening width of up to 12 m. Based on two systems working that work in opposite directions, the offered construction is also self-supporting and are perfectly aligned. Further, the pre-tensioning of gate leaf construction also assists in bringing reduction in risk of bowing with tensioning element also providing for height level of front edge to be corrected even after installation.

Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains are designed to support minimal energy loss and are highly suitable for usage in areas like large warehouse openings. Further, the presence of durable PVC strips also assist in providing sealing to large extent and opens up only to width of vehicles/loads that helps in bringing down temperature loss to minimum even in areas of heavy passage traffic.

Further, the quality transparency of these Flex strip curtains also assist in enhancing lighting conditions and find suitability in areas like food processing, pharmaceutical industry as well as for cold store areas. These can also be offered with optional extras like Door leaves featuring highly tear-resistant mesh inserts and made using 10 mm thick PVC material, Door leaves suitable for using in cold store areas as well as in temperature-resistant areas from -40C to +40C among others.

Double-Action Doors

Double-Action Doors are available in precision construction finish and find suitability for use in buildings having normal forklift traffic. Providing functionality as double-action doors, we offer these in pre-assembled finish that provides for simple fitting. Further, the door size is also twice as wide; 500 mm higher than transported goods.

These also provide for flexible door solutions and come with construction using galvanized steel parts featuring frame profiles of 3 mm and 2.5 mm for different versions as well as Door leaf of soft, transparent PVC of approx. 7 mm thickness supported by additional plastic corner reinforcement that assists in providing necessary protection against tearing. These require manual operations where the closing force can be adjusted up to 50 Nm.

Sports hall Doors

Sportshall Doors provides for smooth-running as well as maintenance-free usage with long-term functional reliability. Also offering for quiet operations even in areas of high frequency, these doors feature maintenance-free construction that allows for easy opening and closing. Some of the other advantages of these doors include tested door units and operator so as to provide for longer service life, door construction suitable for around 250,000 door cycles, low headroom requirements that make these ideal for tight spaces as well as use of galvanized, powder-coated door leaf in colors that can be made available on request. These can also be made available with wicket door and side door.

Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles

Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles are not only economical but are also reliable in terms of usage and come in simple construction with use of just few components. These shutters and rolling grilles are designed using different metals including steel, stainless steel or aluminum and find suitability for daily use time and again.

Further, its superior designing also ensures these shutters and rolling grilles require very less space above opening as this form into compact coil behind lintel with ensuring valuable hall space at sides/ceiling area. With construction above the regular standards, the use of full hard steel also support raising deflection resistance by factor of 3 as well as in enhancing resistance to bending by 10% that make these shutters and grilles highly resistant to damages while providing for complete stability under wind loads.

Fire Sliding Doors

Fire Sliding Doors are designed to provide reliable building protection depending on fire load. These can be made available in single as well as double-leaf versions in compliance with demands of operation as well as risk usage for all desired areas. The presence of fire protection designs also come tested in compliance with DIN 4102 with quality standards continuously monitored.

As these doors are smoke-tight, these also provide for use in safe escape as well as rescue routes and also additionally tested as per DIN 18095. These can be used in areas that require fast passage of pedestrians as well as for smaller trolleys or hand trucks. For reasons of fire protection, these wicket/escape doors also come equipped with option of slide rail overhead door closers.