Swing Door Systems are perfect for small spaces. These swing door systems offer complete convenience and safety. The flawless functioning of these door systems makes going through doors easier where manual operation is complex or difficult. Further, the reliable and safe operations provided by these swing door drives also go hand in hand with clear as well as modern design lines. 

We also create project specific solutions and also ensure that planners will get greatest possible degree of design freedom. The electro-hydraulic range is ideal where convenience as well as support is required while opening the door. The unique operator height allows the drives to remain practically invisible and perfectly blend into any building architecture. The presence of electromechanical drive also allows doors placed in barrier-free interiors to be opened as well as closed gently and conveniently.

Available range :Swing Door Systems TSA, Swing Door Systems Slimdrive & Swing Door Systems ECturn


Swing Door Systems – tsa

Swing Door Systems – TSA comprise a wide range of swing doors that are well recognized for providing safe functioning as well as precision design standards. These are developed to efficiently handle opening as well as closing of small and light swing leaves and large as well as heavy leaves. Further, the system can also successfully handle high traffic volume with complete ease. 

The options available with us include 
GEZE TSA 160 NT / TSA 160 NT-F that offer convenient swing door system that meet the demands of single leaf doors and are ideally suited for areas like hospitals, schools and others. 

GEZE TSA 160 NT EN7 that meet the demands of very large as well as heavy swing doors with high usage as fire doors. 

GEZE TSA 160 NT-IS / 160 NT-F-IS find usage as swing door systems for double leaf doors and 

GEZE TSA 160 NT Invers comprise swing door systems for meeting the demands of both single as well as double leaf doors that find application as emergency exit doors as well as for heat and smoke extraction requirements and offer secure opening in event of power failure. 


Slim drive Swing Door Systems

Slimdrive Swing Door Systems comes with unchallenged “7 cm” low operator height as well as clear design line. These find suitability for use with slim profiles especially in areas where space is a constraint. 

The range available with us include
GEZE Slimdrive EMD / EMD-F that comprise quiet electromechanical drive systems having operator height of 7 cm and provides usage in single leaf swing doors. Its low wear as well as maintenance free performance motors provides for reliable operations. 

GEZE Slimdrive EMD F-IS that are also electromechanical drive systems having operator height of 7 cm and finding suitability for double leaf swing doors especially for interior as well as exterior doors requiring closure in right order even in cases of no power. 

GEZE Slimdrive EMD Invers that find application for both single as well as double leaf swing doors and provide usage as emergency escape, for RWA supply air as well as for rescue routes. 


Swing Door Systems – ECturn

Swing Door Systems – ECturn are the electromechanical swing door drives that meets the requirements of barrier-free interior doors like in hospital wards, hotels, private residential applications and others. Coming with both automatic as well as manual opening/closing, these can be operated using low energy in accordance with DIN 18650. 

Further, its low energy mode also allows drive to move swing door using reduced speeds. We also offer these with easy connection in form of additional safety sensors that provides users needed protection. With interfaces offered in drive as standard, these can be easily operated in support with different control options and also feature optional battery support so as to provided for maximum safeguard in case of power failure. 

With operating modes comprising “Permanently open”, “Automatic”, “Night”, these can also be used in support with GEZE access control systems and SecuLogic emergency exits.